We Are Real Estate Securities Specialists

Founded in 1995, Adelante is a minority and employee-owned SEC registered global investment management firm focused on publicly traded real estate securities predominantly, real estate investment trusts (“REITs“) with $2 billion of assets under management.

Adelante’s investment philosophy is built on our belief that real estate is the key driver of company performance. As specialists in real estate equities, Adelante employs a disciplined investment approach to enhance our clients’ investment portfolios.

Adelante’s investment process focused on net asset value guides our portfolio construction. As a trusted partner to our clients we are committed to offer superior client service rooted in transparency. We offer strategies to fit the needs of Institutional Investors as well as Individual Investors.

Value Investor

Real estate is the key driver of company performance – focus on underlying real estate value differentiates us from earnings based competitors.
Objective, on-site property research discerns the value of real estate assets. Field research is critical to establish our company NAVs.
Comparison of stock price to real estate value to determine return opportunities for individual companies – investing on the premise that stock price trends toward private market value over time.

Meet the team

We have built a team of real estate specialists who each bring unique experience and diversity of thought to align with our commitment to providing outstanding client service and positive results. Meet the Adelante Team.

Our information edge is developed through, property-centric research by sector experts, as well as developing meaningful, long-term relationships with company management. We invest like a partner.

High conviction portfolios with concentrated holdings and low turnover.