Specializing in Global Real Estate Securities

Adelante’s rigorous investment process specializing in global real estate securities focuses on the value of the underlying net asset value (“NAV”) of each individual company or REIT to guide our portfolio construction. We conduct real estate market research and dissect company financial statements to identify the company’s NAV. As fiduciaries, we evaluate the merits of each company proxy to promote thoughtful governance.

Our property-centric research is conducted by an in-house team of experienced sector and regional experts who have meaningful, long-term relationships with company management. With high conviction in our investment decisions our portfolios are concentrated and managed with low turnover to capture real estate fundamentals. Our products include a Domestic Strategy as well as a Global Strategy.

Investment Process

Property-Centric Research to Discern Relative Value – individual security selection.

Active Management to Capture Returns – continuous evaluation of relative value:  Sell, Trim, or Hold.

High Conviction in Value, Quality, and Future Potential – long-term investment horizon and high conviction in our

Client Partnerships

We have a commitment to and alignment with our clients

  • Longevity of relationships- 91% over 10 years
  • Invest alongside clients in our funds
  • Minority and employee-owned
We are a commercial real estate resource

  • Access personnel
  • Intellectual exchange on market environment
  • Draw from the expertise of our investment team