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Founded in 1995, Adelante is a global investment management firm focused on real estate securities, predominantly REITs. We employ a disciplined investment process seeking high quality portfolios for our clients at attractive prices relative to direct real estate values or Net Asset Value (“NAV”). Learn more about our firm

Institutional Investors

Adelante’s legacy as a premier real estate securities investment firm is a reflection of our long-term relationships with institutional investors and the financial investment consultants that serve and represent our clients, as well as companies in the commercial real estate investment community.


Financial Professionals

The inclusion of real estate securities in an investment portfolio and access to quality real estate investment expertise is no longer the sole realm of the institutional investor. Through their financial advisors, individual investors can access Adelante’s deep investment knowledge and experience.



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1Q17 Capital Market Outlook

There are a number of mitigating factors keeping a lid on the 10-Year Treasury Note yield: “monetary offset,” global yield differentials and the possibility that Trumpflation may disappoint in actuality. Thus far, the legislative accomplishments of President Trump and a unified Congress have been underwhelming. After demonizing Obamacare for the past seven years, Speaker Ryan and the Republican House
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1Q17 Capital Market Review

Not surprisingly, politics dominated the start to the New Year. The optimism that permeated the investment/corporate community after the election of Donald J. Trump managed to survive (i) an ill-fated immigration ban, (ii) a half-assed attempt to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act and (iii) a never-ending investigation into the potential collusion between members of the victorious Trump
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4Q16 Capital Market Outlook

Reviewing the returns of the various property types in the Index subsequent to the election, it is clear that the duration of the lease term was the most important factor in determining the relative winners and loser. However, there is a ceiling to the reflation trade for even the most ardent fan of Donald Trump and a unified Republican
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4Q16 Capital Market Review

A Huge Win for the Donald. 2016 has turned out to be annus horribilis for establishment politics and politicians as well as pollsters who have repeatedly underestimated global populist discontent, which discontent found an unlikely champion in the US in a billionaire prone to tweeting late into the night. Perhaps even more unexpected than the election results was the
Michael Torres Testimonial
Michael TorresWe honor the privilege entrusted in us by each and every client.
Jeung Hyun Testimonial
Jeung HyunOur size allows us to apply our NAV metric in the most disciplined manner possible.

Friday Market Recap

Weekly Assessment of Global Real Estate Trends

Disappointing Flash PMI Readings

In the U.S.: Flash Markit manufacturing PMI fell to 52.8 from March’s 53.3 reading, while the services PMI reading fell to 52.5 from March’s 52.8 reading. The disappointing flash PMI readings were primarily due to the weakest rise in payrolls since February 2010 and the softer pace of hiring . The Trump administration is looking to bring a new

UK Property and Rent Values Continue to Grow

In the U.S.: In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, President Trump stated that the USD was getting too strong, he expressed a desire for the Fed to keep rates low, and hinted at nominating Fed Chair Janet Yellen to another term. The last statement ran contrary to previous statements Mr. Trump had made where he stated that

REIT Management Changes

In the U.S.: March nonfarm payrolls increased 98K versus the 180K consensus estimate and February’s revised 219K reading. Economists noted that winter weather played a role in the disappointing result and that a downturn in payroll growth was to be expected as the recent gains in payrolls was unsustainable. President Trump ordered a targeted military strike on Al Shayrat

Domestic Real Estate Securities Strategy

Adelante Capital Management’s domestic real estate securities strategy is designed for those investors who recognize the diversification benefits of real

Global Real Estate Securities Strategy

Adelante’s Global Real Estate Investment Strategy is designed for those private and institutional and individual investors who both recognize the diversification benefits of real estate in their overall investment portfolios and also desire exposure outside the U.S. commercial real estate market.