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Founded in 1995, Adelante is a global investment management firm focused on real estate securities, predominantly REITs. We employ a disciplined investment process seeking high quality portfolios for our clients at attractive prices relative to direct real estate values or Net Asset Value (“NAV”). Learn more about our firm

Institutional Investors

Adelante’s legacy as a premier real estate securities investment firm is a reflection of our long-term relationships with institutional investors and the financial investment consultants that serve and represent our clients, as well as companies in the commercial real estate investment community.


Financial Professionals

The inclusion of real estate securities in an investment portfolio and access to quality real estate investment expertise is no longer the sole realm of the institutional investor. Through their financial advisors, individual investors can access Adelante’s deep investment knowledge and experience.



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3Q16 Capital Market Outlook

The Wilshire US REIT Index hit its peak on August 1 and has since been on a steady decline in absolute and relative terms versus both the S&P 500 and the Russell 2000 Indices. During the same time period, the yield on the 10-Year Treasury Note has moved upward from 1.458% to 1.608%; perceived as being interest rate sensitive,
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3Q16 Capital Market Review

Brexit, Schmexit. To reverse paraphrase Ron Burgundy, that de-escalated quickly!  Brexit, an event that was touted as the end of the EU, quickly receded into the background as investors shifted from “the sky is falling” mode to “wait and see.” While fall-out day one was immediate with the S&P 500 Index down 3.6%, the recovery was nearly as quick;

SPG & GGP Call an Audible on Aéropostale

Mall REIT juggernaut Simon Property Group (“SPG”) and General Growth Properties (“GGP”) called an audible last week in a last ditch effort to save bankrupt retailer Aéropostale from liquidation. A group ostensibly led by SPG and GGP successfully bid $243.3 million at auction, beating a credit-bid of $150 million where the most likely outcome was the shuttering of the
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2Q16 Capital Market Outlook

The stunning Brexit vote was the final nail in the coffin for any further intervention by the FOMC for the rest of 2016. In fact, many in the investment community believe that the FOMC tightening cycle is over, having effectively started with the exit from Quantitative Easing (remember the “Taper Tantrum?”); the current implied probabilities for a future rate
Michael TorresWe honor the privilege entrusted in us by each and every client.
Jeung HyunOur size allows us to apply our NAV metric in the most disciplined manner possible.

Friday Market Recap

Weekly Assessment of Global Real Estate Trends

Cyber Monday All-Time High

In the U.S.: The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development endorsed President Elect Trump’s economic plan. The organization predicted that Mr. Trump’s infrastructure plan would increase US growth, combat inequality and energize discouraged workers. Sales from black Friday were down 3.5% from the previous year. Shoppers pointed to earlier holiday promotions and the belief that deals will be available

Are you shopping today?

In the U.S. November CPI rose 0.4% m/m to 53.9 versus the consensus estimate of 53.7. A better than expected rise in gasoline prices was cited as the main catalyst to the strong reading. REIT Focus: Marriott International (MAR) continued its expansion into Latin America by acquiring four Mexican hotels. The deal adds to Marriott’s current portfolio of over

Brexit, Schmexit

In the U.S.: Speaking on Thursday Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said a rate hike, “could well become appropriate soon if incoming data provide some further evidence of continued progress towards the committee’s objective.” The Chairwoman also address rumors that she would resign following the election of Donald Trump by saying “I was confirmed by the Senate to a

Domestic Real Estate Strategy

Adelante Capital Management’s domestic real estate securities strategy is designed for those investors who recognize the diversification benefits of real

Global Real Estate Strategy

Adelante’s Global Real Estate Investment Strategy is designed for those private and institutional and individual investors who both recognize the diversification benefits of real estate in their overall investment portfolios and also desire exposure outside the U.S. commercial real estate market.